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Double-double-triple feature!

It's the end of the week!.....
Okay, maybe not for you guys in other countries... but it is for me XD
It's a public holiday here in Japan tomorrow so I will see you guys on Monday.

In the meantime, here are a few dou-, dou-, multi features to tide you guys over for the weekend:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Why does everyone push themselves to their limits like that”
Cheer outfit, Komoe 月詠小萌 from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」
“No, wait, Index, Miss?”
Man with an unusual right hand, Touma 上条当麻 from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」

“Using the support assault cannon modified for long range sniping, I will move to a position where I can support front fire and guard the rear troops”
"A-01"type 94 stategic walker machine, Shiranui Impact Guard Attachment 珠瀬壬姫 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」
“Valkyrie Mom to Valkyries”
"A-01"command point officer, Suzumiya Haruka 涼宮遙 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」

★Victory Spark★
“Since you are friends of the spirits, I will... also recognize you as a friend”
Alvin & Kefia アルヴィン&ケフィア from 「Shining Hearts」
“Humans are troubled by their own understandings”
Solitary spirit user, Alvin アルヴィン from 「Shining Hearts」
Sylph シルフ from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“Arrival of Demonic Dragons!”
Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha 魔竜戦鬼 ヤクシ

Oh, wanted to show the readers out there another cool photo I took at Wonder Fes:
Yes, the car and bike from EVA Racing booth!
Wouldn't you just give an arm and a leg to own one... coz that is probably how much they cost XD

Vanguard X WS Cross Trial Campaign

We had a bout of bad weather this morning here in Tokyo, specifically a heavy downpour.

But not just any ordinary downpour. As the weather here still kinda cold, it was half snow and half rain... resulting in a slushy(is there such a word XD) and wet morning. Haven't really seen snow personally before besides the few minutes in Akihabara a few weeks back XD

Odd thing is that the sun is now out in the afternoon and the rain in the morning seemed like a dream... oh well, let's get on with the day:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Shall we call it, the appearance of the real deal?”
Aerohand, Kongou 婚后光子 from 「とある科学の超電磁砲」

“I lost the 'Dancing Butterflies'!! There's no way I can reproduce that again!!”
String play which has fallen apart くずれたあやとり from 「マブラヴ Alternative」

★Victory Spark★
“Those who would disrupt the flow of time and space... be prepared!”
Beacon in a black dress, Maxima マキシマ・エンフィールド from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“As long as she is around, the Demonic Dragons will never perish”
Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka 魔竜聖母 ジョカ

Oh, since the banner for the Cross Campaign is done, allow me to plug a couple of Bushiroad products for today.
I know what you guys are thinking, giving Vanguard PR card with WS Trial Decks and WS PR card with Vanguard Trial Decks... a ploy to get more players to start the game Xp
But!! It wouldn't be a Cross Campaign if the right cards came with the right Trial Decks now, would it? XD

A bit of Bling for today...

Right, almost forgot about the event I attended on Sunday, 06/02/2011.

As I mentioned last week, there were 2 events on that day, and I managed to attend Wonder Festival! Unfortunately, by the time I was done at Makuhari Messe, I didn't really have the time nor energy to attend Sunshine Creation at Ikebukuro any more... T_T
Seem like I'm not as young as I would like to think... Xp

Oh well, the usual for today, then a couple of photos from Wonfes:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Maybe I will go to Touma's class for some fun!”
The Walking Church, Index インデックス from 「とある魔術の禁書目録II」

“That's not true, Miki! Chizuru and Kei are the monsters”
Petite combination, Tamase Miki & Yoroi Mikoto 珠瀬壬姫&鎧衣美琴 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」

★Victory Spark★
“It's the first time... that we have actually had tea together like this”
Tea Princess, Rufina ルフィーナ・ウィンダリア from 「Shining Hearts」
“I feel that I can continue writing joyful songs with you by my side”
Prince of Wynderia Kingdom, Ragnus ラグナス・ウィンダリア from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“Hey hey hey! Get blown away!”
Covenant Knight, Randolf 盟約の騎士 ランドルフ

Early morning, queue to get into the event XD
Was there about 6am... figured if I could get in early then I might be able to leave early for the other event... that didn't happen XD

One of the most prominent displays that catches your attention, a Zeta Gundam covered in rhinestones and crystals... *bling* *bling*
I wonder if that was the reason the photo turned out a bit blurred... XD

Nice Weather Today!

Hey, we are finally having a bout a nice weather here in Tokyo!

Some of you may not agree, but the weather must have rose above 5 degrees celcius today coz I was walking around without a scarf! XD
Pretty soon, we will see sakura blossums again... I hope.

Well, before I leave for the day, here are the cards for today:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Elder sister...”
Longing for elder sister, Kuroko 白井黒子 from 「とある科学の超電磁砲」

“Please... everything is clear... let me explain...!”
Time of resolution 00 unit, Kagami Sumika and Yashiro Kasumi 鑑純夏&社霞 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」

★Victory Spark★
“I want you to protect me!”
“I will brave anything for the sake of my mistress”
Melty & Sorbe メルティ&ソルベエ from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa 魔竜導師 ラクシャ

It has been a while since we have had a new card for AlicexCross, but hopefully that will change soon when the next series is near its release date. In the meantime, AlicexCross will also be making an appearance at the Japan Otome Festival!!
More details here

The day I ate Ehoumaki...

It's Friday again! Time really flies when you least expect it XD

Being the end of the week, lets take a look at a few double features for today.
If you think that the WS cards today are interesting, scroll a bit further and you will see a VS card with no deck limit! I kid you not!

A follow up comment at the bottom of this post. But first! Today's usual:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Thank you for inviting us”
Saten's classmate, Uiharu 初春飾利 from 「とある科学の超電磁砲」
“Still at it, as usual-”
Uiharu's classmate, Saten 佐天涙子 from 「とある科学の超電磁砲」

“... Kasumi... my name is Yashiro Kasumi”
First meeting and reunion, Yashiro Kasumi 社霞 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」
“To place both Ayamine and Mitsurugi in an agressive strategy... that leaves only Storm Vanguard cadets”
Storm Vanguard rookies, Ayamine Kei & Mitsurugi Meiya 彩峰慧&御剣冥夜 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」

★Victory Spark★
“That person is calling for me”
Instance Battle Princess, Sophie ソフィ from 「Tales of Graces f」
“In the event that... everyone is gone... what would you do?”
“I will forever heal your heart which longs for salvation”
Little Queen リトルクイーン from 「Tales of Graces f」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“White wings filled with pride. A solitary knight is one who inherits the bravery”
Solitary Knight, Gancelot 孤高の騎士 ガンスロッド

I mentioned the Ehoumaki a couple of days back and here is a photo of the 1 I got last night. Boy, was it ever big!

Direction this year is: South-south east...

And the result, finished it in one continuous mouthful without speaking and facing the direction stated this year... *burp* 'scuse me...
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