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Hi there!
This is Kuroda coming back, a bit tired from last night’s party I mentioned in the previous article.

Well, today I’m happy to tell you that our radio programs are finally on air at HiBiKi Radio Staion(響)!!

The recording was held on 25th May (Just after coming back from Hong Kong business trip…), and we tried (probably) our best:-)
Bushi-Navi is the Internet Radio/TV program in which we introduce the latest information about our products and events.
Now we have 3 staffs who can speak other languages in our office, and our boss has come up with the idea of airing international ver. program!

Please check below links if you are interested~:-)
I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Bushi-Navi Chinese


Right:Terence (you know who he is) He can Chinese, Cantonese, English, Japanese!
Left:Ham-Bun(Voice actress trainee)

Bushi-Navi English


Right:Hazuki Kuroda(hope you know who I am) Ich spreche ein bissen Deutsch und jag kan prata lite svenska ochso...:)
Left:Mizu Kamio(Voice actress trainee)

Bushi-Navi Spanish


Right:Masaaki Goto (New staff at Bushiroad Overseas Div.)
Left:Beatlitz (His friend!)

and for you, who want to see the program in Japanese too, to brush up your Japanese…
Here is
Bushi-Navi Japanese


Right:Akimoto(Bushiroad Sales)
The Mash(Voice actor-you can find him in Weiss Survive!)

If you have any requests or inquiry, please contact us at e-mail addresses stated at whose website.

OK, here are some pictures from the big party we had last night!

It was….
a birthday party for our president Kidani, together with the send-off party for a famous Cosplay K-1 fighter “Nagashima Jienotsu Yuichiro.”
We had nearly 300 people in the party hall.
(As Terence has mentioned in the previous post, broadcasted on Nico-Video)

Otaku-Champion Belt! Present for Nagashima-san

Can you see the cards all around the belt??
Bushi-Cake for Kidani

OK, I’m flying to France on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!

Bushiroad Press Conference for Summer!

Greetings from Bushiroad! Terence here again with information on the press conference which will be held on 10th May 2010 at Akihabara UDX.


As some might have guessed from the picture above, fans of our series can also watch the proceedings live from nico nico douga!!! Yay!

New titles will be announced on that day, plus the seiyuus(voice actors/actresses) of Milky Holmes will be making an appearance as well.

Please note down this link for a chance to watch the event live in your country*


*(Time stated is for Japan local time. Please take note of the time difference in your country and adjust accordingly)


It’s Kuroda coming back!

Well…can you believe this?

Long awaited Railgun 「とある科学の超電磁砲」and Hakuouki 「薄桜鬼」boosters are now all sold out at ours!!
No more stocks.

Well, it was sooo fast!

I’ve heard that many new players are now interested in playing our TCG thanks to these titles.

Hope to see more players when I visit your countries next time:)

【WANTED!!】Be the next one to come to Japan!


Dear WS players overseas-

Play WS and Win the round trip to Japan!

As the increasing number of players from other countries are now playing Weiss Schwarz, (Especially in Hong Kong and in Singapore!)
we started inviting WS champions from other countries to our Final held in Akihabara last year.
(Well, as our company is quite new, the last one was actually only the 2nd time to hold a Final. We were glad that we could invite international players such in early stage!)

【Bushiroad WGP 2009 Reports】


News Flash



Mini Events

Day 2nd

Bushiroad World Grand-Prix 2009 info page

We invited TV talents and Seiyuus as well, and there was a TV shooting as well!!
Champions from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia joined us, and they were all on TV~^-^

This year, we again would invite WS Champion from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, but
also thinking about adding 1-2 more countries to our invitation list!!

If any of you from countries other than these 3, interested in joining us, and have enough environment to choose a skilled representative
in a fair and competitive way, please contact at

(Sorry, but the application have to go through our examination, so not all the application is accepted)
English accepted, of course!

The Final would be again, around the end of December.

That means, you can extend your stay and visit Comiket!! Yeah~~

Details for 2010 has not yet been published, but if there’s any update, I will let you know.

Hope you enojoy WS more and win the chance to come to Japan!

Bushiroad introduced in 3 languages!

We are glad to inform you that our company is now introduced at Startup JAPAN, a company introduction site which releases interesting companies' information.
Here you can check the article.

What is interesting is, they introduce company information not only in Japanese, but also in English and in Chinese.
Just click the flags at the top, and you will see the whole article translated.
Hope more and more players would know our company , and enjoy playing our TCG!
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