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Bushiroad World GP 【WS World GP】 -1-

Happy New Year

Bushiroad hopes all of you had lovely Christmas and a new year's day:)

Today, I am happy to announce you that the detailed report for Bushiroad World Grand-Prix 2009 is ready.
Please enjoy the images, and prepare for the next Tryouts which might be held in your country...!

【Bushiroad World GP 2009】
Date:26th-27th December (Sat, Sun)
Place:AKIBA SQUARE in Akihabara, Tokyo
Event detailes:See Official web page
★Main event★
1st day-WS World GP (shooting of TBS "Card Academy 「カード学園」"was done)
2nd day-ChaosTCG World GP, International Friendly Match (Trial Deck only)
Invitation for WS World GP:WS Champions from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong

Event Space "AKIBA SQUARE" before opening

At opening

The event hall was soon full with players


The WS champions invited from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong made a short speech on the stage in front of TV cameras:)
(The stage is in front of the screen)
I have found the video clip of their speech here!! (I'm in the video as well...)

Hong Kong WS champion, Raymond (to the left) at the first game

Singapore representative, Kai (to the left) at the first game

Malaysia representative Chris (yellow jacket) at his 3rd game
At his 1st and 2nd games, he luckily played with idols from "Card Academy" (Nana Kokubo and Wakana Yamashita) who were also joining the world GP as the representative of the TV programme.
(Therefore, no pics of the 1st and the 2nd games)

"I finally did it!!"
For Kai had somehow been unlucky during the event, he lost first 3 games-
and seemed sooo happy when he finally won:)

Singapore guest Yong Han(middle) and a Japanese WS player
Japanese players were all surprised to hear Asian Champions making speech in Japanese, and seemed really friendly to them all the time.
They chatted in Japanese, traded cards, and of course played WS together.


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