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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Vol.1〜Vol.4 <New!!>

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■Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Vol.1〜Vol.4■

Long awaited sleeve collection is released on 27th June!
"Sleeve" is the item with which TCG players covers and protect their precious
card collection.
This time, we have chosen 4 of lovely characters from popular titles from our TCG,
and made into sleeve collection.
In each package, you can find a complemental card!

Enjoy TCG with your favourite sleeve.

Vol.1 D.C.II 「朝倉 音姫 (Asakura Otome)」
Vol.2 リトルバスターズ! 「棗 鈴 (Natsume Rin)」
Vol.3 らき☆すた 「にゃもー(Nyamo)」
Vol.4 真・恋姫†無双 「曹操孟徳“華琳”(Sousoumoutoku Karin)」

【Product Overview】
Vol.1〜3: 60 Sleeves+1 PR card
Vol.4: 60 Sleeves+1 Partner card
735Yen (per package of 60 sleeves/tax included)

check the pictures of PR& Partner cards on our website.

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(C)BaseSon All Rights Reserved


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