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World Grand-Prix in Hong Kong and Malaysia

Sorry fo not writing any news for long....but I have been very busy with preparations for an exhibition in Singapore.
(I will update the infomation soon!)

Recently, we have confirmed the WS champion's invitaion from Hong Kong and Malaysia as well as Singapore.

【World GP Tryout in Hong Kong Schedule】
25th Oct・・・finished (hosted by American Sportswear Trading)
1st Nov・・・finished (hosted by 通用 and Team WS)
15th Nov・・・expecting 48 participants (hosted by American Sportswear Trading)
29th Nov・・・expecting 24 participants (hosted by American Sportswear Trading)

poster 2nd

Team WS has made a cool poster for their tournament promotion!
(The images on the poster are PR card given to each participant, and Climax Award given to randomly chosen player.)

★The Hong Kong Final is planned on 6th December at American Sportswear Trading.

On 15th November (Sun), November Shop Tournament is going to be held by 通用 and Team WS along with the World GP tryout.

【November Shop Tournament】
【Date and Time】15th Nov. 12:30-18:30
【Place】Tsuen Wan Panda B119A Toyz Club
【Expected participants】48

【PR card for the tournament】
好奇心ハルヒ (Curious Haruhi)


【World GP Tryout in Malaysia Schedule】

【Date and Time】28th Nov (Sat) 11:00~
【Place】Taylor College Subang Jaya, Grand Hall
1 Jalan, SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selengor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
【Expected participants】84
【Host】Adrian Foo
【Application Due Date】23th Nov (Mon)

★Malaysia Tryout is held only once, to save the trouble for the players participating from distant areas.

【Invitation Details】
-To and return airticket
(shall be reserved and purchased by the champion him/herself, and Bushiroad pay the cost with cash (JPY) when he/she comes to Japan.)
-3 nights accomodation near Akihabara
(If the champion would like to extend his/her stay for comic market 77 held from 29th to 31st December, the extra nights shall be paid on his/her own.
-Invitation to the World Grand-Prix Final

This time, the invitation will be for 3 countries-
Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong where WS communities are growing rapidly.

We hope you all enjoy the events, and hope to see you at the World GP final held in Akihabara!!


For the Singapore leg of the World Grand Prix, the organising party, The Card Geeks, will be purchasing the tickets on behalf of the player.

No problem as long as the ticket is purchased on the Singapore side.
We will pay for the fee in exchange for the receipt.
Thank you!

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Age Limit

Is there an age limit to enter the grand prix or.. ?

There's no age limit!

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  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
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