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Booster "Phantom~Requiem for the Phantom~"


Booster Pack for "Phantom-Requiem for the Phantom-" is going to be released on 10th October!
(The photo above is Phantom's Starter Deck, and has been on sale since 12th September)


Here is a sample card from the booster.
「告白する美緒」 "Mio, confessing her love"

【Product Overview】
Booster Pack "Phantom-Requiem for the Phantom-"
■330yen/ pack (8 cards)
■6,600yen/ box (20 packs)
■100 card types

★The first edition box is followed with a special sleeve set (5 sleeves)!
Sample picture will be released on our website soon.

【Starter Deck Tournament "Phantom-Requiem for the Phantom-"】

During 13th September to 10th October, Starter Deck Tournament "Phantom-Requiem for the Phantom-" is held at card shops in Japan.
Check here for the event schedule at each shop.


Here is the picture of a PR card for Trial Deck Cup "Phantom-Requiem for the Phantom."
(Please check here for details)


out of no where question about side attack.

If the other side has a full field of chara. I can still side attack right? or does there have to be an open spot to side attack.

  • 2009/09/16(水) 14:57:50 |
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Re: out of no where question about side attack.

Thank you for your question!
Yes, you can make side-attack even though the opponent's field is filled with charas.
In this case, you attack to avoid the battle with the chara in front of you, and the other charas are not involved.

  • 2009/09/17(木) 01:12:58 |
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