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Aftermath of Valentine's Day

Shouldn't have had all those chocolates *burp*...
still smells like a chocolate factory around here... or could it be just me XD

Right, I swear Valentine's day and White day are conspiracies from chocolate makers... and sfter they read this post, they will be hunting me down soon...

While I duck out of sight, let's take a look at the cards for today:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Anything, right? Okay”
Unlosable battle, Mikoto 御坂美琴 from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」

“Thank you, kind older sister”
Howard Resort Mr. Clark's granddaughter, Mint Clark ミント・クラーク from 「Rio RainbowGate!」

★Victory Spark★
“It's really a great feeling to climb on top of high places and look down upon the world~!”
Phantom cat girl, Shaomei リン・シャオメイ from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“Is the weapon you dropped in the lake this copper sword? Or could it be this legendary holy sword?”
Lake Maiden, Lien 湖の巫女 リアン

“- hey, hey, it's alright. It won't bite~, It's not scary~”
Seitei's Nanatsu Gorou Ichi 草薙一 from 「Vitamin X」

Oh, one particular chocolate I got which I really liked was from Bushiroad's own in-house illustrator and manga artist: Ms. Nishi Asuka!

Why? Have a look for yourself:
Shiyokolate?! Naming needs work... No! I'm just kidding XD
Really cute package, designed and drawn by Ms. Nishi herself.

The biggest treat was when we opened the package, revealing 3 chiroru chocolates inside!
All drawn by her as well!
Cute, isn't it?? XD


Thats pretty cool *-*

  • 2011/02/15(火) 02:16:58 |
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  • Sōji #-
  • [ Edit ]

So mean!
You've had all these delicious chocos-
Get ready to make a lot of presents on white day xD

  • 2011/02/15(火) 07:32:55 |
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  • Hikari #-
  • [ Edit ]

The wrappers are sooo cute~
I would never open them if I receive something like that.

  • 2011/02/15(火) 13:10:31 |
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  • Calvin #-
  • [ Edit ]

Awesome chocolate =D

Yes, they are. That's why I highlighted them on the blog.

Yeah, the consequences will come 1 month later XD

I was hesitant too, but another colleague opened it and found the surprise inside. So, I had to open it to show you guys.

Yup, they are... still wondering where she got them manufactured... XD

  • 2011/02/15(火) 16:39:04 |
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  • terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

that's a lot of effort she put in for giri-choco. wonder how her honmei ones will look like. she probably had fun making them which is the important part.

you better put in some effort for white day.

  • 2011/02/16(水) 07:55:12 |
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  • hitto #-
  • [ Edit ]

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