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Double-double-triple feature!

It's the end of the week!.....
Okay, maybe not for you guys in other countries... but it is for me XD
It's a public holiday here in Japan tomorrow so I will see you guys on Monday.

In the meantime, here are a few dou-, dou-, multi features to tide you guys over for the weekend:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Why does everyone push themselves to their limits like that”
Cheer outfit, Komoe 月詠小萌 from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」
“No, wait, Index, Miss?”
Man with an unusual right hand, Touma 上条当麻 from 「とある魔法の禁書目録II」

“Using the support assault cannon modified for long range sniping, I will move to a position where I can support front fire and guard the rear troops”
"A-01"type 94 stategic walker machine, Shiranui Impact Guard Attachment 珠瀬壬姫 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」
“Valkyrie Mom to Valkyries”
"A-01"command point officer, Suzumiya Haruka 涼宮遙 from 「マブラヴ Alternative」

★Victory Spark★
“Since you are friends of the spirits, I will... also recognize you as a friend”
Alvin & Kefia アルヴィン&ケフィア from 「Shining Hearts」
“Humans are troubled by their own understandings”
Solitary spirit user, Alvin アルヴィン from 「Shining Hearts」
Sylph シルフ from 「Shining Hearts」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
“Arrival of Demonic Dragons!”
Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha 魔竜戦鬼 ヤクシ

Oh, wanted to show the readers out there another cool photo I took at Wonder Fes:
Yes, the car and bike from EVA Racing booth!
Wouldn't you just give an arm and a leg to own one... coz that is probably how much they cost XD


i wonder what is the make and model of the bike.

  • 2011/02/11(金) 07:01:33 |
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  • hitto #-
  • [ Edit ]



Can't really tell from all the customizing and sponsopr stickers. Xp
From the words on the headlights, Kawasaki Ninja maybe??

  • 2011/02/13(日) 17:06:43 |
  • URL |
  • terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

yea, you're right. it's a kawasaki ninja zx-10r

  • 2011/02/16(水) 08:10:56 |
  • URL |
  • hitto #-
  • [ Edit ]

Still looks cool even with the loads of sponsor stickers Xp

If EVAs existed in real life, secret government agency or not, I'm guessing that there will be sponsor stickers like that too... XD

  • 2011/02/16(水) 16:54:24 |
  • URL |
  • terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

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