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WS event in Hong Kong!!@ American Sportswear Trading, Co.

A new event report has arrived from the shop "American Sportswear Trading, Co" in Hong Kong!

【Date】Sunday, 23th August
【Place】American Sportswear Trading, Co.
Shop 163A, 1/F, Smiling Plaza, 155-181
Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Even though there was an big comic event "Comic World Hong Kong" on the same day, as many as 31 players gathered to play WS.


One of the event staffs told us that "IDOLM@STER" was very popular among the players.



Playing space was even outside the shop!!

We would like to support all the fans in other countries as well as Japanese players.
Feel free to give us eny comments or ideas, thank you!

8月23日、香港の九龍にあるカードゲームショップAmerican Sportswear Trading, Co.にてWSイベントが開かれました。

THE IDOLM@STERが大人気だったようで、Tシャツを着ている方、すでに8月22日発売のスリーブを持っている方が見受けられます。

Comic Worldという大規模なコミックイベントの開催日だったにもかかわらず、31人ものプレーヤー(19人の経験者と12人の新プレーヤー)が集まったとのことです。



Google Maps

Hi I'm visiting Hong Kong at the moment and I have tried to input the address into google maps but I can't exactly find it. When I type it into the search it shows it at near the Tsuen Wan Station, but when I put in smiling plaza it shows up somewhere in between the Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po Station. So I'd like to know where exactly this place is...

  • 2010/01/24(日) 00:17:40 |
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  • Fiedrik #-
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Re: Google Maps

Sorry for being late for the reply, but have you found them?
On Sat&Sun, only our customer support centre is working, so I reccomend to contact our support number +81-3-5348-0852 in case you are in hurry.
Unfortunately the support is only in Japanse on weekend, as I am away...

  • 2010/01/26(火) 18:11:38 |
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  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
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