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Despite having sold the 2 Extra boosters due out over the next 2 weekends at Comiket last month, there seems to be quite a lot of players anticipating the official release! Shops I visited over the last weekend were low on stocks of the single cards on sale and some players I've seen have yet to complete their neo standard decks...

Overseas players should also keep a lookout at the usual card shops as the impression I got last week was that the 2 new packs - Black Rock Shooter and Haruhi might be gone in a second... XD

In the meantime, let's take a look at some of the new cards coming soon:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I wonder if you can stop me”
Gangster, Natsu ナツ・ドラグニル from 「Fairy Tail」
“Everything is going according to plan”
Gangster, Lucy ルーシィ・ハートフィリア from 「Fairy Tail」

“That's because I'm a natural born Tsundere”
Lying tsundere, Matsushima Michiru 松嶋みちる from 「グリザイアの果実」

★Victory Spark★
“Kanitama is fine. Kanitama is the best in the world”
Kanitama, Sophie ソフィ from 「Tales of Graces f」

★Cardfight!! Vanguard★
Knight of Silence, Gallatin 沈黙の騎士 ギャラティン
Dragon Knight, Nehalem ドラゴンナイト ネハーレン

“Please live--- that's all I wish for”
A life that can't be lost 土方歳三 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

Ooh, just a bit of info, the cards from Vanguard today will be included in the supplement decks with the next issue of KeroKero Ace March issue. They are alternate art versions, meaning that the cards from the booster packs will not have the same illustration!! Please keep a lookout for the Vanguard trial decks due out on 26/02/2011 and the booster packs out on 12/03/2011. I'm off to look at more comments of Vanguard anime online. See you guys in the next post!


Bless the Pre-order. xD

  • 2011/01/18(火) 02:26:43 |
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  • Sōji #-
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About the Fairy Tail PR cards, where are they from?

  • 2011/01/18(火) 05:10:11 |
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  • Doggyfong #-
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To add a question to the one of Doggy
And will we get them here in germany, too? :D

Cards for グリザイアの果実 looks awesomev-10
I believe the PR cards are from Fairy Tail anime's new OP and ED's Single, but let's wait for Terence to give us the correct answer =D

Thank You XD
Have you ordered yours yet...?

カイ is right, the PR cards come from the new CDs for Fairy Tail:
19/1/2011(Wed)on-sale MaxiSingle「Fiesta/エール」First Press Bonus(「FAIRY TAIL」OP Song)
Included PR card FT/S09-111「"ギャングスター"ナツ」
26/1/2011(Wed)on-sale MaxiSingle「Be As One/Let's get it on(Normal Ed.)」First Press Bonus
Included PR card FT/S09-112「"ギャングスター"ルーシィ」
written on the WS main site ^_^

Yes, I don't see why not. Amazon Japan ships CDs to all parts of the world.

Yes, but the game is not out yet so we know very little about the characters at the moment T_T
Oh well, both should be due out very soon ^_^b

  • 2011/01/18(火) 17:04:22 |
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  • terence #-
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If anyone could read the front page of the official WS site, yes, the PR cards come from the initial releases/first prints of the OP and ED singles.

Beaten by Terence. D:

Lol, it's not a race, my friend XD

  • 2011/01/18(火) 17:17:31 |
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  • terence #-
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Not me but and friend so i get some cards. :D

  • 2011/01/19(水) 00:55:16 |
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  • Sōji #-
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  • 2011/01/19(水) 01:11:17 |
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  • terence #-
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