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Report of Weiβ Schwarz Special Tournament in Germany! (08/01/2011)

As promised before the New Year Holidays, here is the report on Germany's Special Official Tournament. There were 12 participants for the tournament that day and a few others came to learn more about Weiβ Schwarz.

Here are some of the photo highlights from that tournament:

Before the tournament starts... quit horsing around, you guys XD

They have a female participant in the very 1st tournament?! Some shops have yet to attain that level... Xp

Serious player!... wait, all that love for Angel Beats but Mio sleeves...

New players getting a feel of the game with some trial decks

Ooh, the top 4 players facing off in the finals

A better view of our top 4 players that day posing for the camera
Congratulations, guys!
From left to right: Fujiwara(3rd place), Unearthly(1st place), Soji(4th place) and Bobafetz(2nd place)

And the usual group photo before the end of the day

Looks like they had a lot of fun.
Big thanks to Mr. Nowak from Auenland and and Hikari for organizing the Special New Year's Tournament.


hehe the Tournament was great we had so much fun especially when everyone noticed the Goat from Da Capo. xD

but i have to say that we all noticed a huge powergap between some of the older sets and the new ones. ._.

ah who cares as long we all had fun.^^

  • 2011/01/13(木) 05:01:19 |
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  • Sōji #-
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oh yeah besides the shop owner i want to thank light the organisator, bushiroad for great support, and everyone who participate the tournament.
Want to have my revance in the 2nd one xD

  • 2011/01/13(木) 05:14:21 |
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  • shuncchi #-
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Yeah, the tournament was great!
I want to use this opportunity to thank you guys from bushiroad for your honestly nice support!
Weiß Schwarz might become the most popular import Trading Card Game here in Germany!
And I really hope that potential players here can purchase the cards in shops without having to individually import them. ^^

I want to thank the Bushiroad-staff but especially Terence-San for his support to make this tournament possible.

It was really great and funny and we will surely have another one, to strengthen our growing german Community. ( A lot of Users on our forum are really interested and always ask for TDs xD)

I'm really happy about the Blogpost
*Dream of WGP in Germany...* xD

  • 2011/01/13(木) 11:47:18 |
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  • Hikari #-
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*points at his Dortmund Jersy with Kagawa print*
He did good today against syria :D 2-1 win ftw :D

The tournament was really fun :) Tanks to everyone who supported, who played and who did this possible Ü

Looked like it was fun. Wish we could start getting some tournaments over here in Sydney, Australia. ;w;

Yes, spotting the goat always turns out being fun for any tournament.
Well, on the surface it does seem like the new titles have more powerful cards, but in actual fact the power balance is still pretty good. In this game, there is always the possibility of turning the tables on your opponent and that makes it fun XD

I'm glad you guys had fun... wait, how did you lose all 4 rounds in the first place?? Do send me a copy of your deck recipe and I will take a look. For your revenge match, we might have to wait till a distributor/agent is found and active in Germany... T_T

Well, depends on the demography in Germany. Other card games dominate the card industry as most of them have young players. How is it like over there? ^_^

Many thanks to you too for helping out. Please continue to have gatherings for the new players and hopefully, we will find an agent for our card games this year over there. As the game title is in German, it feels like going back to its roots... although the game is of Japanese design XD

A soccer fan I see XD
Hope we will be able to provide more support for official events in the future.

Well, most countries start with organising small gatherings for fans of the game and it really takes off from there. As Australia is a big place, we have started some promotions in Melbourne and will hopefully make our way to the other cities as well.

  • 2011/01/13(木) 18:10:41 |
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  • terence #-
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@ terence:
That's true. As a almost complete Japanese card game (with exception of the Disgaea Trial Deck), Weiß Schwarz won't appeal to a lot of card players here, especially younger players since they obviously prefer to play with cards in their own language.
However, I do think that Weiß Schwarz is able to build a solid community here in Germany since it simply meets far better conditions than a lot of other card games only available in Japan.
For example, I've been trying to set up a community for the Lycèe TCG here, but that didn't work very good. There were people interested, but simply far fewer than those who show interest in Weiß Schwarz.
I think two main factors for the superiority of Weiß Schwarz regarding its popularity are:
a) the fact that Weiß Schwarz features more popular series from animes and games which are not only famous in Japan, but also in a lot of other countries
b) the fact that Weiß Schwarz actually as something as amazing as your Overseas Division.
Seriously, I've never thought that a company'd go as far as support a tournament in Germany in which their card game normally isn't even sold.

Thank you for the feedback.
We will do our best to meet the expectations of the overseas market. German versions of our games may seem a bit far away. It would most likely be a good idea to come up with proper English versions first, then followed by localized versions in the future.

We do what we can in Bushiroad, but it is always good to hear that there are communities playing our card games all over the world.
I do hope that there are enough players to attract a distributor/agent this year in Germany and continue to hold more official tournaments in the near future. ^_^

  • 2011/01/16(日) 17:35:11 |
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  • terence #-
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Oh no, I didn't mean German versions. English versions would probably be more than enough for us.
Even the Japanese version manages to form a small community here and it'd be great to get a distributor in Germany as a next step to increase the number of players here. ^_^

Well, I hope Ms. Kuroda will be fruitful this coming trip to Germany for the Toy Fair and we will have a permanent agent/distributor this coming year. ^_^b

  • 2011/01/17(月) 18:29:37 |
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  • terence #-
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