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Milky Holmes Booster Packs on sale today!!

Yes! The day is finally here! Have you gotten your Milky Holmes booster packs yet??

The response for this particular series seems to be through the roof this season. Last I heard, it was one of the top ranking animes for this season... kinda unexpected but good nonetheless. Walked Akiba last weekend and not 1 Limited Editiong of the PSP game could be spotted XD

Not so good considering I have not gotten my copy yet T_T
Oh well, as a weekend treat, here is a mega dose of today's cards:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Let's go through the crime scenes and gather information together!”
Sherlock Shellingford シャーロック・シェリンフォード from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」
“You are the culprit!”
Clumsy detective, Sharo シャーロック・シェリンフォード from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」
Sharo: “Do you remember the first time we met? I was really happy...”
Head resting on Sherlock's lap シャーロックの膝枕 from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」

“Yes yes yes~! I want to do it, me too!”
Energetic Angeloid, Astraea アストレア from 「そらのおとしものf」
“It's not my fault”
Angeloid who can't be honest, Nymph ニンフ from 「そらのおとしものf」

★Victory Spark★
Class Representative, Haruna 西連寺春菜 from 「もっとToLoveる -とらぶる-」
“Come on! Say something too, Yuuki”
Momioka & Sawada 籾岡里紗&沢田未央 from 「もっとToLoveる -とらぶる-」

Before flashing the sword 斎藤一 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

Will try to post as much as I can next week... you guys do realize what major event is on, right??

No? It's Comiket 79, my friends! XD
3 days of pure delight with all the new releases and all!!
People from overseas who will be attending the event have begun their pilgrimage here and I will be meeting them sooner or later.
See you guys there!! Xp


Super Dosage of Highlights!! O_o

  • 2010/12/23(木) 23:30:21 |
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  • Calvin #-
  • [ Edit ]

Yeah! TGIF, isn't it?
And it is Christmas Eve after all.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and in case we are too busy next week: A Happy New Year! ^_^

  • 2010/12/23(木) 23:35:52 |
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  • terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

so fierce..sell out at tcg before 2.30pm!

  • 2010/12/24(金) 09:44:42 |
  • URL |
  • wiki #-
  • [ Edit ]

So fierce! Darren got himself a copy at Gamers though, lucky dude.

  • 2010/12/24(金) 17:57:54 |
  • URL |
  • Mycstea #-
  • [ Edit ]

Woah, powerful title, this Milky... XD

Yah, somebody's cancellation probably Xp
Oh well, I'll just keep looking for it in Akiba XD

  • 2010/12/26(日) 17:50:37 |
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  • terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

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