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Good weather for nabe(hot pot)!

Brrr... getting colder in Japan, especially during the nights...

Conclusion: great time for eating hot pot here in Japan XD
Yaki niku(barbecue meat) is also another 'hot' favourite around this time of the year.
Oh, a popular dish here is either Horumon yaki, or Horumon nabe. Please do not be mistaken, the 1st word, horumon has no relation to hormones. It is a common misconception, but horumon actually means the innards of an animal, mostly a pig or cow.

More on this delicious topic later, let's take a look at today's cards for now:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
Shikinami Asuka Rangley 式波・アスカ・ラングレー from 「ヱヴァンゲリヲン 新劇場版」
“Thank you. I will return to the investigation now”
Hercule Barton エルキュール・バートン from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」

“Become the dew of Minarukamui!”
Treasured sword, Minarukamui 宝刀「皆琉神威」 from 「マブラヴ」

★Victory Spark★
“My servants, Ice Kings who control the 31 spirits, go forth!”
Melty de Granite メルティ・ド・グラニテ from 「Shining Hearts」

“You have that strange look on your face. Why don't you come over by the fire to keep warm?”
Night for two 風間千景 from 「薄桜鬼 随想録」

An example of a Motsu Nabe:
Motsu is the innards of a cow... really awesome dish we had after the bowling tournament the other day. Looking forward to trying more dishes this winter! XD


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