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Event report from American Sportswear Trading(Hong Kong) - 20/11/2010

Weiβ Schwarz is as popular as ever in Hong Kong!

Not only are the sales going up over there, the number of tournaments seem to have increased too. Here ia another report from American Sportswear Trading, with what seems to be a pretty good turnout for a Saturday.

The photo highlights from the day:

1120 (3)s
The game begins... wait, the background looks familiar... Xp

1120 (4)s
Head judge of the day, Felix. We will see him soon in Japan WGP next month

1120 (5)s
No space is wasted. The battle is even going on outside the shops XD

1120 (6)s
And finally, the top 3 players for the day taking a photo together with Felix


Oh sure, let this happen when I'm away. xP

Lol XD

This happens every month... Same goes for shops in Japan as well, just have to check the schedule for your region ^_^b

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