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World Grand Prix 2010 Regional Finals - Taiwan

Whew, fianlly had time to sort through the photos for Taiwan WGP... the Singapore photos are definitely gonna kill... XD

But first, here are the photos from the Taiwan leg of the WGP selections held in each country. We had a special guest: Ms. Terakawa Aimi with us for this trip!

Let's take a look at the highlights for that day:

The location for the Taiwan WGP! It is a really big stationery store!

The sign! Can't go wrong if you just follow the sign XD

As we arrived, there were already players getting ready for the showdown... there were 2 tournaments that day, WGP 2010 Taiwan, and a shop tournament taking place outside

While our guest, Ms. Terakawa prepares for her appearance, one of the staff from Bushiroad, Mr. Horii sat down and had a few Gunslinger matches with some of the players present

Once eveyone was ready, Ms. Terakawa(in Kud cosplay) announced the start of the event

Although a small group, there was no doubt that these were serious players. Check out the aura!

The other tournament players were not to be out-done. They were also very absorbed in the game

Don't worry about the weather. It was already autumn then and it was quite cool even in the sun XD

After a while, our guests also sat down again for more Gunslinger matches. Hmm, to play against a cute girl or 1 of the development team... tough choice!

After the tournament was over, a photo with the top 4 and the winner is the 1 holding to the certificate, of course. I will see him in Japan for WGP Finals about 2 weeks from now ^_^b

Ms. Terakawa also signed 2 posters, 1 for the shop owner who provided the venue for the event, and 1 for our organizer of the event!

After a long day at the event, we decided to take a look at one of the main night markets in Kaohsiung: Liouhe Night Market.(We flew in on Friday night, attended the event on Saturday, and had to leave on Sunday morning. It would have been a waste not to look around a bit Xp)

We actually ate too much at dinner that night so we didn't have much space for the goodies at the night market T_T
But, it seems like Ms. Terakawa had fun playing the carnival games there XD

Well, it was back to work as usual after that. Next report: Singapore AFA X and the Singapore + Malaysia leg of WGP 2010! Stay tuned...


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