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Weiβ Schwarz Workshop in California 30/10/2010 Report

Well, here is a report from Mr. Akimoto from California on the workshop they had at the end of last month.

Seems like they were celebrating Halloween at the same time and most turned up in costume!

Let's hear it from the organizer himself, Mr. Akimoto:

Last month we held a mini-workshop at a Cosplay Picnic hosted by the Cal State Fullerton Anime Club. Despite the bad weather many people were interested in Weiss Schwarz!

Aside from the workshop the event had other events some of the workshop attendees were able to participate in such Cos-play Contest and a piñata hitting activity, similar to suikawari watermelon splitting in the Japanese culture.
Here are some pictures during the event:

Cosplay Contest!

piñata hitting activity

Nanoha deck and Black Rock Shooter sleeves were pretty popular!

Group Photo! About 70 People!

Our following WS workshop was held on Sunday, November 14. At this workshop we went more in depth with the game's rules and mechanics. There was a live demonstration of the game, products available for purchasing, some one-on-one practice time with the game, and a mini-tournament as well.

Facebook Community

Past Event

Thank you very much

It looks like they had lots of fun there and I am also looking forward to the next report from them. See you guys in the next post! ^_^


Playing WS outdoor looks fun =D

But you will be exposed to the elements... either it's too hot or too cold XD
Remember Mascot Parade when everybody played in the tent during the rain T_T

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