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Hong Kong 1st Day!

Whew, finally made it to Hong Kong safely. The typhoon mentioned before didn't really affect the flight much. Strangely enough, it went to other regions instead of the predicted path...

It was a pretty warm afternoon when we arrived:
3 of us just off the plane at Hong Kong Airport

And we had a nice chat with some of the guys from Team HKWS who will be helping out at the WGP selections in Hong Kong tomorrow:
Ms. Tokui with a souvenir card signed by Team HKWS!! XD

For our Hong Kong players, good luck tomorrow and we will see you there! ^_^b



>_< Wish I'm in HK right now... would so totally join T_T Oh well.... hoping for one in Canada... (crossing fingers)

Good job to the champion! Didn't expect a Fate Testarossa deck to win

Man... I wish I was still in HK for that.
W-Wait, did a Fate deck win? I lost count to how many times I played against a Fate Testarossa deck in HK(;´д⊂)

Well, there is always a chance next year...

Not surprising really... Nanoha, Haruhi still most popular decks over there XD

Yes, a Fate deck did win. Fate still the most popular character and choice of deck worldwide XD

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  • terence #-
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I hope you guys had a good Halloween at your office. Happy Halloween from the people of the Eastern Timezone

  • 2010/10/31(日) 14:27:55 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Re: No title


Thank you. Hope you had a good Halloween as well ^_^b

  • 2010/10/31(日) 17:42:15 |
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  • terence #-
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