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World Grand Prix 2010 begins!

As you can guess from today's title, yes, the World Grand Prix has begun for Weiβ Schwarz!!

Starting this week, overseas WGP selections will also take place in various countries. First, we will have the tournament in Hong Kong, followed by Taiwan, and lastly Singapore and Malaysia during the AFA X event in Singapore next month(November).

In the meantime, let's take a look at some new cards!

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I'll try my best!”
Milky Holmes, Sharo シャーロック・シェリンフォード from 「探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ」

“Well, please have some, Mistress Kanna”
Faithful servant, Uraha 裏葉 from 「AIR」

★Victory Spark★
“I prefer the colour of panties rather than the colour of repent”
Marui Futaba 丸井ふたば from 「みつどおもえ」

“The emotions in Utautai's voice flows slowly into Konoe's heart”
Gentle song 歌うたい from 「Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-」

As the overseas team will be heavily involved in the preparations, the posts for daily cards may be a bit erratic. Please bear with us during this busy period XD
For more details on the WGP tournaments, please refer to the official site:
Hope to see you guys at the overseas event locations soon!


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