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Booth Layout for Tokyo Game Show

Good morning, everyone(well, it's got to be morning somewhere in the world, right? XD). Terence here, presenting today's cards as usual.

The next few days will be the business days for Tokyo Game Show as reported earlier, but I will still try my best to post the cards for the next few days. Please forgive me if it might be a bit later than usual Xp

More on the details of the Show later. For now, let us take a look at:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I'm always an ally of younger sisters, of course I will do my best to protect them”
Younger sisters ally, Kanata 二木佳奈多 from 「クドわふたー」

“Elder sis likes to be relied on by anyone”
There's swimsuit under the uniform!? Shiina Minatsu & Shiina Mafuyu 椎名深夏&椎名真冬 from 「生徒会の一存」

★Victory Spark★
“Dash Cut”
Red Haired, Adol アドル・クリスティン from 「イースvs.空の軌跡 オルタナティブ・サーガ」

“Don't come near me...! I won't be able to stop myself from killing you all...!”
Manipulated Monster Princess 千姫 from 「薄桜鬼」

More details of the TGS schedule for Bushiroad are now available here.
I've heard that some overseas visitors have or are arriving soon. I hope to see you guys there! ^_^


Looks great! Unfortunately i most probably will not be able to attend the event lol...

Lol, it's in 2 days XD

If you haven't left the country by now... Xp

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