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Typhoon Season, Really?!

Well, at first I thought that Autumn was finally here, given the cool breeze and rains yesterday...

Then I turned on the news and heard about the typhoon season... so close T_T

Oh, well. At least the weather is cooler... Xp

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Space Shuttle!”
Girl who chases after her dreams, Shiina 有月椎菜 from 「クドわふたー」

“You are all surprisingly honest”
Lies and deceit, Magiru Satori 真儀瑠紗鳥 from 「生徒会の一存」

★Victory Spark★
“Mystic Magic”
Dela ドーラ・ドロン from 「イースvs.空の軌跡 オルタナティブ・サーガ」

“......I don't like socializing with other people”
Madarame Mizuki 斑目瑞希 from 「VitaminX」

Oh, and many of you might have gotten the mail magazine from Bushiroad already today. As mentioned, the OP movie for the PSP game is finally unveiled!
As for the fans not on the mailing list, here's the link:

As for the rest of the news, please refer to the main site to register for the mail magazine. From what I have read, there are some interesting bits about some PR cards and updates on the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. To register, just visit the Bushiroad main page here(Sorry, mail magazine is in Japanese only Xp)


It actually is Hari Raya Haji in Singapore today.... =3 The public holidays in Japan must be different i guess lolz

Yes, it is different here. No Hari Raya for us, lol XD

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