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Ladies Special today?

It's finally raining in Tokyo!!! Could it be a sign that the hot and sweaty days are over?!

As unusual as the weather today, we have a feature on male cards today XD

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I won't let even one person die a meaningless death.That is the Date Style, as well as his wish”
Date's Strategic Advisor, Katakura Kojyuro 片倉小十郎 from 「TVアニメ 戦国BASARA弐」

“I'll wait”
Star-crossed beautiful guy, Nakameguro Yoshiki 中目黒善樹 from 「生徒会の一存」

★Victory Spark★
“Blue Destruct”
Aisha アイシャ from 「イースvs.空の軌跡 オルタナティブ・サーガ」

“I will do anything for the cute Minami-chan!”
Katsuragi Ginji 葛城銀児 from 「VitaminX」

As a follow up to the blimp post, here are a couple of photos on the booths during Comiket 78:
DSC00177s.jpg Bushiroad Booth

DSC00179s.jpg HiBiKi Booth


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