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Event Report from Australia - Manifest!! (21/08/2010)

Sorry guys, been a bit busier than usual with all the events and all.

Thank God It's Friday(TGIF), huh? XD

I will finally be getting some rest this weekend, I hope...

Anyway, before I leave the office today, let's take a look at an event held in Australia about 2 weeks ago - Manifest!

Short for Melbourne Anime Festival, more details can be found here

There were 2 tournaments of Weiβ Schwarz held there over the 2 days and here are some photo highlights:

Some of the goods on sale that day... not really that different from Japan, really.

Very serious looking players

Quite a few people looking over this match... exciting match, maybe?

Looks like quite a turnout for the sales booths as well

A few of the guys together in a group photo. Hope that I can attend events like this in Australia next time

A total of 28 players turned up for the tournaments for both days(16 on day 1 and 12 on day 2). I hope they had fun and congratulations to the winners ^_^b

A special thanks goes to Ozanimart for hosting the tournaments.


Congrats on Austrailia's first big event. Now next is America and finally I can see them more here in Canada. *Eyes Shining*

  • 2010/09/03(金) 07:55:55 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Thank you. I'm also glad to see more players taking up WS in Australia.

America should be having a tutorial event some time this month and I will post more details as they come in.

As for Canada, it would be good if there were any anime or game related events that we could attend... at least we could take a look at the response there ^_^

But, that will also depend on the international team here at Bushiroad and if it is possible to attend.

  • 2010/09/05(日) 16:39:33 |
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  • Terence #-
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Well I don't want to bud into business, but there is a huge anime convention that contends to about 5,000 folks (span of weekend estimate) here in Canada. It's called Anime North and it happens every year during the last week of May. One small independent group tried to advertise Weiss Schwarz. But I was the only one available to play, cause I have my own deck. (I wasn't sure if anyone else played.) But thats just my recommendation, cause it is the (so-called) largest anime convention in Canada.

  • 2010/09/05(日) 19:05:46 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Thanks for the information! XD
We will keep it in mind for next year during the end of May.

  • 2010/09/05(日) 21:17:04 |
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  • Terence #-
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