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Follow up news on Chaos titles...

Yesterday, we took a look at the new titles announced at the press conference for Victory Spark. Today, let's follow up with some news on Chaos titles!

OS:Visual Arts 1.00
13/11/2010 - Trial Deck and Booster Pack on sale

OS:Shin Koi Hime Musou ~Moeshouden~ 1.00
18/12/2010 - Booster Pack on sale

OS:Sora No Otoshimono f 1.00
08/01/2011 - Extra Booster on sale

OS:Age 1.00
08/01/2011 - Starting Deck and Extra Booster on sale
05/03/2011 - Booster Pack on sale

This is just a brief breakdown of the upcoming titles. For more details, please visit this site: http://chaos-tcg.com/product/sansen.html

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I feel happier just thinking about it”
Perfect elder sister, Otome 朝倉音姫 from 「D.C. D.C.II プラスコミュニケーション」
“Elder brother's reaction was so interesting that I got carried away”
Younger sister who cannot be honest with herself, Yume 朝倉由夢 from 「D.C. D.C.II プラスコミュニケーション」

“I won't lose to Class D in the Mathematics Battle”
Minami's Summon Beast 召喚獣 from 「バカとテストと召喚獣」

★Victory Spark★
“Kanon Impulse”
Tita Russel ティータ・ラッセル from 「空の軌跡」

“The answer has already been decided.--I would like to do it”
“Akikawa Yayoi” 宇佐美秋彦 from 「純情ロマンチカ」

Oh, and the details of the Milky Holmes PSP game and animation were also unveiled at the press conference. There are also some advertisements put up in Akihabara!
Please be sure to take a look if you do visit Akihabara! XD


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