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Back from Hong Kong...

Well, it has been a long weekend... but I'm finally back in Japan and in the office.

A big thanks to the players and peoeple I have met in Hong Kong and brought us around the various card shops for a look v^_^
I had a really nice time chatting with you guys.

I miss the weather already, it's still pretty hot in Tokyo. Strange coz it should have cooled down a bit by now...

Oh well, let's take our minds off the heat with some card introductions:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Don't be absurd, I am already a lady”
Rumoured transfer student, Sakura 芳乃さくら from 「D.C. 〜ダ・カーポ〜」

“Yuuji, don't look at other girls”
Bikini, Kirishima Shouko 霧島翔子 from 「バカとテストと召喚獣」

★Victory Spark★
“Moon Dragon Sword”
Adol アドル・クリスティン from 「Ys vs 空の軌跡」

“Oh, it's Akihiko”
Isaka Ryuichiro 井坂龍一郎 from 「純情ロマンチカ」

Not only was it cooler in Hong Kong, the view from our hotel was also excellent!
Wish we could have stayed longer(I didn't even bring my decks this trip... T_T), but it was a great experience. Hope to see you guys in Hong Kong again soon!


Looks awesome!!
Wish I can play people in HK.

By the way, can you give me some information about card stores in HK? because two of my friends are going to trip to HK and Japan this winter.

  • 2010/08/23(月) 00:48:12 |
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  • aki26 #-
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theres other chance to play with them i think . i haven played with ppl from hk and japan yet. only the mash . :)

hope i can play with them somedays too :>

  • 2010/08/23(月) 17:01:49 |
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  • saki #-
  • [ Edit ]

Well, the more popular ones I have seen are located at Smiling Plaza(Kowloon) and Tsuen Fung Center... if your friends are coming over in December, I hope that they can drop by WGP during the end of December ^_^

Just put up a post on the blog, I'm sure the guys would be able to arrange a meeting for you to play WS XD

  • 2010/08/24(火) 22:39:16 |
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  • Terence #-
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