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Unofficial Chaos Tournament Report - Rapid Culture,Singapore (24/07/2010)

Last month, I blogged about the Chaos Tournament which Rapid Culture wanted to organize to test the Singapore market to see if there are any players there...

And here's the report! A total of 8 players turned up to play against each other, and from the photos it seems that most of them use Touhou decks XD

Here are the photos from that day:

From now on, they will be known as the chaotic 8... Xp

It's good to see more younger players join in the fun... I just can't figure out if it is a good thing for Chaos TCG...

I see more people using home-made deck cases... recycling is good for the environment

Same partner card for all 3 players!

And the 1st place & 2nd place winners!
1st place - Lawrence(right)
2nd place - Jiaming(left)

As it was an unofficial tournament, the shop provided the winners with 1 PR card each for their efforts. Hopefully, we will have official Chaos tournaments in Singapore soon! ^_^b


Chaotic 8? I like the title name. LOL

Other 6 participants get 1 PR each as well.

  • 2010/08/09(月) 10:50:45 |
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  • YJ #-
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Yup, they are pioneers XD
Good to hear that the rest of the guys had something as well ^_^b

  • 2010/08/10(火) 16:25:19 |
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  • Terence #-
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