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Bushiroad Card Fes 2010 Event Report

Finally sorted through the 120+ photos taken at the event!

Doesn't sound like much, but I couldn't possibly fit all into the post so I had to choose the scarce few that I would like to highlight... even then I believe that I might have to do a seperate post for all the pics...

So, let's get on with the photos:

The calm before the storm...

The storm brewing outside the hall...

The 2m figures from Vanguard again... 3rd time I have met them at events Xp

And once the crowd is let in, most of them head to the sales counter for their shopping needs

It looks just as crowded inside as it does on the outside XD

The players settling down for the tournaments

There were really a lot of players for this event... @_@

The Milky Holmes autograph session queue in the afternoon, each line was for each individual member of the Milky Holmes team. A cd bought on the day itself will entitle you to an autograph from any 1 member of the Milky Holmes team.

Finally getting to the front of the line

Oh, the Ikkitousen VS Koihime Musou Chaos Tournament. Nice flags!

The Weiβ Schwarz semi-finals. Is there anything more stressful than having 5 judges and a lot of players watching you play?

And the answer is yes! How about 6 judges, 1 overhead camera, 4 tv cameras + crew and a whole lotta players watching you play in the finals! XD

Winners for the various tournaments that took place that day:




And the Champion for the Weiβ Schwarz tournament! Lucky guy... and I don't mean the part about him winning the tournament, lol XD

After all the festivities, there was also a lucky draw where deck cases, PR card sets and a lot of other prizes were given out.

One of the highlights at the end of the day has to be the Milky Holmes Cup. It involved inserting 4 Milky Holmes cards given with the cd into any deck and winning as many matches as you can in 1 hour! XD




Really fun day, but I was pretty worn out at the end of the day... next: Comiket 78!!!


Wow, It looks really awesome! seriously, it is much better than Lycee tournament....

Good Luck Comiket!

  • 2010/08/04(水) 02:08:25 |
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  • aki26 #-
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  • 2010/08/04(水) 02:30:13 |
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Wish my trip to Japan could come sooner so I could check out these two events. :<

  • 2010/08/04(水) 05:38:19 |
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  • Sakota #-
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Just curious, but what was the winning deck for WS?

  • 2010/08/04(水) 16:09:03 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Wow, it looked pretty similar to WGP! And the angle of which you took the winner photos, were exactly the same as me last year XD hahaha

I am curious about it too.
The deck of the past tournaments shows in

  • 2010/08/04(水) 18:07:59 |
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  • aki26 #-
  • [ Edit ]

i hope i will be there this year again =D

Haha, yeah I checked some decklist out. And gawd once I saw "Yousuke" decks, I always go on a rage seeing how messed up the combos are. I faced it quite a number of time and every time "Yousuke & Susanoo" comes out, I go "FFFFFFFUUUUUU." But winning strategies are winning strategies.

Also another side note, I am also wondering if the tournament had some female participant this time around.

  • 2010/08/04(水) 19:10:16 |
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  • Calvin #-
  • [ Edit ]

Drop by in early morning bout 8am.
Wish to greet you guys but the site was under construction...
Then later drop by around 7pm, and the event's over...
Well, no luck
Maybe next time XD

  • 2010/08/05(木) 01:00:27 |
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  • Ken #-
  • [ Edit ]

Well, Comiket will probably be more about selling products... I wonder about the playing space but I don't really see the space for any... T_T

Don't worry, there will be other events to attend in the future. Some of them even overseas XD

Yeah, just happened to walk by after directing traffic and found myself in the press area... lol.

Ganbattene! and I will see you here in December ^_^b

Sorry to hear that, but it was a pretty exciting day. Fell asleep not long after I reached home! Lol XD

  • 2010/08/08(日) 18:48:06 |
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  • Terence #-
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