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More product updates for 31/07/2010

As we are not working tomorrow, here is a quick update of the new stuff out on 31/07/2010(Saturday) in Japan.

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection High Grade Vol.7:
Bushiroad Sleeve Collection HG Vol7

Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection 1st wave(Vol.1~6):
Deck Holder Collection Vol1

Really nice sleeves and deck holders this time round. Nope, nothing that requires a parental advisory... XD


I like the quality of sleeve is getting better, and ordered 8 of black lock shooter sleeve lol... maybe add some deck cases as well! The character sleeves and deck cases are always good for promoting!

  • 2010/07/29(木) 22:55:04 |
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  • aki26 #-
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Well, we do our best to ensure the quality of our products. And players are very protective of their cards at times so these supplies come in handy at times, lol XD

  • 2010/07/29(木) 23:14:35 |
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  • Terence #-
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I love all the deck boxes/deck holders! Now I just need to find a cheap and easy way to get them xD

Well, starting this year the licenses for goods other than cards became a seperate application and harder to apply so these items might be harder to obtain overseas T_T

Fear not, as our colleagues here in Bushiroad are working to resolve this issue as soon as we can. Stay tuned!!!

  • 2010/08/08(日) 19:01:30 |
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  • Terence #-
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