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Chaos for English Players!

Here is another English translation fan site for one of Bushiroad's trading card games, Chaos!

This site is also brought to you by an affiliate of http://ws.nk-ds.org/, who does a lot of work on promoting Weiβ Schwarz to the English speaking community.

Click Here!

Following Victory Spark, there are more players out there who are picking up our card games. Most likely due to the inclusion of their favourite series to the game. Will we see a AlicexCross fan translation site soon XD


Oh that is a really good news. I have to tell some my friends about it. They like Chaos more than WS because of koihime musou.
Is there any chance that they are releasing English version like WS of Disgaea?

  • 2010/07/29(木) 18:37:13 |
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  • aki26 #-
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No, I'm afraid not at the moment... strangely enough, Chaos is still not as well received as WS... T_T

Maybe with the addition of Bakatest in the near future, the sales could be optimistic enough for the Chaos team to consider international plans for Chaos TCG...

  • 2010/07/29(木) 19:02:06 |
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  • Terence #-
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