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TeamWS Hong Kong Event on 04/07/2010

Here is another Event Report from Hong Kong, this time from an event organized by TeamWS. As usual, the location is Panda Place XD
(See the rows of Pandas in the pictures...)

Here are some photos which they have submitted:

Wow, very avid supporters of Weiβ Schwarz! I wonder how many CDs of Milky Holmes did they purchase...

Overview of the location, great turnout this time as well

I heard that there was also a Q&A and quiz session on stage to promote the game ^_^

Wow, I definitely welcome players from all walks of life. Any chance of a game with the player on the right during my next trip to Hong Kong??? He seems friendly enough... XD

A special thanks to TeamWS for organizing the event.


You're never too old to play WS, I wish that guy was my grandfather XD

  • 2010/07/20(火) 13:42:25 |
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  • Calvin #-
  • [ Edit ]

That's true. When we say that the game can be enjoyed by all no matter the age, we really mean it! Lol XD

  • 2010/07/20(火) 16:38:54 |
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  • Terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

is there any where in hong kong that sells ws? mind listing their address cause i'm flying to hong kong?

  • 2010/07/21(水) 07:40:35 |
  • URL |
  • Strife #-
  • [ Edit ]

I'm not sure of the exact address at the moment, but there are some shops in Sino Centre and Smiling Plaza. It will also depend in which territory you are staying in Hong Kong.

Could any of the Hong Kong players kindly point out some shops to Strife? Thank you! ^_^

  • 2010/07/21(水) 16:46:54 |
  • URL |
  • Terence #-
  • [ Edit ]

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