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Singapore Mascot Parade Event (03/07/2010) - Part 1

Hi, guys, Terence here with a write-up on the event I visited in Sinagpore. Well, I finally went through all the photos from the event and here is a brief introduction to the day I spent at: Mascot Parade!

As shown before in an earlier post, it was raining when we touched down at Changi Airport the night before. We took a look at the location before going back to the hotel for a rest.

We arrived at the location after breakfast and it was still raining. Fortunately, The Mash(our seiyuu from Weiβ Survive and Official Feather from Bushiroad) was really energetic and raring to go.

A quick change of clothes for The Mash and we were ready to join in the festivities. Despite the heavy rainfall, we took part in the inter-shop Weiβ Schwarz tournament as special guests.(Both of us agreed that this was the first time we were playing WS outdoors and in the rain... lol)

Before the tournament, The Mash decided to try making a Teru Teru Bozu(a paper/cloth doll believed to work in praying for good weather) in order to stop the rain...

Did it work? Stay tuned tomorrow.... XD

(To be continued)


The Teru Teru Bozu did work!!

  • 2010/07/15(木) 06:08:49 |
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  • Kai #BZw/32Vw
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Hey, don't give away the plot before I finish telling the story, lol XD

  • 2010/07/15(木) 16:33:51 |
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  • Terence #-
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  • 2010/07/18(日) 19:05:37 |
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  • Kai #BZw/32Vw
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