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Mars Shop Tournament in Hong Kong(11/07/2010)

Wow, we have just received an event report from Hong Kong. This time, the tournament was held at a shop mentioned in this blog some time ago, Mars Shop! Some of you might recognise the mural(Haruhi) at the back of the shop XD

Held on 11/07/2010(Sunday), the tournament had a turnout of 12 players. Here are some photos from the day itself:

Hand-drawn poster for the tournament ^_^

Does the mural in the background look familiar?

Getting down to business...

Nanoha rate seems very high XD
Well, it is a popular deck in almost every country we have visited.

Congratulations to the top 3 winners for the day!

And of course, a special thanks to LP for helping out at the event, as well as Mars Shop for organising the tournament.(The 2-shot with Nagato Yuki was just a coincidence, right?)

We are really glad that more shops in other countries have started organising tournaments for the players. Hopefully, more players will get to experience the thrill of playing in tournaments and finally get to play in the World Grand Prix in Japan at the end of the year ^_^b



I'm really impressed how many tournaments and players are in Hong Kong.

I want to play WS so badly, but here in Germany there are almost no people, who know it or even play it..

But i will be in Hong Kong soon, because of summer holidays to visit my relatives there and hope to find a shop, where someone can help me to build a deck and teach me the rules.
I just don't know where these shops are, so any help would be great please add or write me here: YagamiLight@live.de

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I'm sorry to hear that you have not been able to play Weiβ Schwarz in Germany T_T

I hope that the Hong Kong readers out there will be able to assist you in starting Weiβ Schwarz.

Starting out in the game shouldn't be too difficult, as there are a number of Trial Decks out there. These are ready formed decks and can be used straight away.

Felix, LP-
Maybe you guys could help out our dear friend from Germany get started on WS when he is in Hong Kong? Many thanks ^_^b

  • 2010/07/14(水) 17:09:41 |
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