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How would you classify this???

Good morning, Terence here posting today's cards. I will be leaving for Singapore early tomorrow so Ms. Kuroda should be posting the introductions during my absence.

I will be featuring one more Singaporean dish I found in Japan later in the post, but I hope to show our readers the actual dish after this trip. Please stay tuned for next week's posts ^_^

Oh, and Mayoi Neko Overrun Trial Deck for Victory Spark will be released this Saturday in Japan. Are you ready to pick up these stray cats?

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I'll leave it to you then"
Master of Fairy Tail, Makarov マカロフ・ドレアー from 「Fairy Tail」

“I won't run or hide”
“Nanyou School” Stern Trainer, Gakushuu 楽就 from 「真・恋姫無双」

★Victory Spark★
Chise in uniform 梅ノ森千世 from 「迷い猫オーバーラン!」

“I'm glad that I am a guy, heh heh”
Kinugasa Shoujirou 衣笠正次郎 from 「Vitamin X」

And here it is:
Laksa!... or I think it's laksa...
Technically, laksa should be a noodle dish in spicy soup base made with coconut milk. It is the same here, but the toppings are slightly different. I would probably classify this as Curry Chicken Noodles... what do you think? Oh, and the taste is perfectly ok, I just wonder what to classify this as... XD


Looks like mee rebus to me

  • 2010/07/01(木) 19:36:19 |
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  • Kai #BZw/32Vw
  • [ Edit ]

I thought that it was Ba Chor Mee, just with bigger chunks of meat... Guess i'm wrong?

Kai, Mysctea-
Yeah, I thought it was something else... but it was really laksa soup. And just like any laksa soup it tasted great with the fried rice and fried bee hoon as well, lol.

  • 2010/07/05(月) 18:49:19 |
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  • Terence #-
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