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Event Report from Australia

Wow, the guys down under are working hard at promoting WS! Here is another event report from them and this time, the tournament is held at a shop in Australia on 26/06/2010. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves ^_^

Checking of decks before the tournament begins.

Oh, a female player spotted!

Do I see Eva? Curious as to the theme of that deck...

Lucky Star VS KOF again, lol.

In 3rd place - Thong

2nd place - Travis

And the Champion - Geoff!

A group photo of the players that day, but some of them had to leave early... T_T
From the looks of it, the Champion won't be leaving in one piece today XD

A special thanks to the Kiddo and friends for organizing the tournament and the shop in Australia for hosting it. Hopefully, we will see more of these tournaments in the near future. See you then!


Theme of that deck

There was no theme of the Eva + Little Busters! deck. It was just all his favorite cards mixed into one deck.

  • 2010/06/29(火) 02:31:54 |
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  • Geoffrey #-
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Ah, but if it works... on the field you can see: Little Busters!, Eva, Clannad, Index and Fate/stay night cards, lol.

  • 2010/06/29(火) 16:35:41 |
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  • Terence #-
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