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Event report from American Sportswear Trading(Hong Kong)

Hi, Terence here again with an event report from Hong Kong! Held at American Sportswear Trading on 19/06/2010, this tournament had a very unique theme. Players must have at least 30 cards with their favourite characters printed on it. It doesn't matter if the character appears very small on the card, as long as he/she is there, lol.

Anyway, some highlights from the day's events:

Wow, full house again. Tournaments are getting a lot of attention these days from players everywhere.

Everyone is using a deck with their favourite characters, that explains the smiles all around ^_^ Oh, and take a look at the bottom left hand corner of the photo. Here is a photo of someone taking a photo, lol.

There were a lot of Fate and Nanoha users this time round as well, proving how popular the series actually is... from our sources, it seems that there were 3 Nanoha decks that day.

And the top 3 players for the day. Their choice of characters(from left to right): Nagato Yuki(1st place), Kyon(3rd place) and Nagisa(2nd place).

Congratulations on the win, guys! and a special thanks to American Sportswear trading for organising the tournament.

Some interesting photos:

A Precia with 10 markers? That would make it what, a 0/0 12000 character...! o_O

One of the guys submitted a photo of his starting hand. True, it's not a hand that can be easily rectified, but believe me when I say that it could be worse. Trust me, I have gotten worst, and here's the proof:
This photo was not staged and was a momento from my own card playing days. It was so funny that I had to take a photo coz no one would believe me even if I told them. And yes, I did shuffle thoroughly, but still managed to draw 4 climaxes in the first draw... XD


But hey, at least it's better then 6 CX gone by the end of first turn... (stares at Yi Xiong)

Hey, we are talking about the legendary YX the lorry! He seems to do it all the time, like the time he dumped in all his Climaxes without shuffling and they stuck together? Lol XD

Thank God his opponent cut his deck so 3 of the CX went to the bottom of the deck.

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That hand is one of a kind....

And I thought my hand of all lv 3 and lv 2 cards on my 1st turn was bad... it didn't help that for the next 2 turns I couldn't field anything either.

When the lousy draw luck strikes, it really strikes.

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