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Rainy Season In Tokyo

It seems to be raining a lot these past few days, is it the 梅雨(Tsuyu) season already...?

The strange phenomenon here is that some shops will start selling umbrellas on rainy days, even if they do not do so on normal days... so there are no worries about getting caught in the rain here.

The only wierd thing is that some shops in Akihabara have rainy day promotions XD
The points received or small gifts(omake) given are doubled on these days... very amusing...

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Towards the future"
Girl with wings, Kud 能美クドリャフカ from 「クドわふたー」

“Kakuka and Kakouton are my buddies”
“Kyoshou School”Leader bent on uniting the nations, Sousou Moutoku 曹操孟徳 from 「一騎当千」

★Victory Spark★
“Yes, I feel like jumping for joy”
Yamase Chihaya 山瀬千早 from 「まぶらほ」

“...are you in pain”
Nano ナノ from 「咎犬の血」

For today, Let's take a break from the food topic and look at the beautiful Customs Building linking Singapore to Malaysia:
This is the customs building on the Malaysian side, quite nice when it lights up in the evenings. However, the front portion is mostly still under renovations... I hope to be able to visit again once the works are completed ^_^b


Haha, Terence you should be getting used to it all already. =X

Yes, it's amazing how fast I get used to all the funny stuff... XD

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