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Back from Malaysia!

Whew, I have returned...! Hi, guys. Terence here, just back from a trip to Malaysia to visit the GameHub event in Johor Bahru! I also managed to visit Singapore as well this trip and met up with some players for a little catching up ^_^

More on my trip later, let's take a look at today's cards:

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Ok, right, let's begin!"
Leader of Girls Dead Monster, Iwasawa 岩沢さとみ from 「Angel Beats!」

“That ball is the only Jewel that can tame the dragon...”
The treasure that can suppress a dragon's power, Ryuugyoku 龍の力を抑えし秘宝「龍玉」

★Victory Spark★
“You have to accept what is offered to you just because you are a guy.”
Kazetsubaki Kuriko 風椿玖里子 from 「まぶらほ」

I flew to Singapore from Japan last Friday and had a nice dinner of Chinese style chicken curry before driving into Johor Bahru(JB) in Malaysia. I haven't had spicy food for a while so this was especially delicious!
(Pictured on the left is a tall glass of Iced Lime Tea, very refreshing in a humid country such as Singapore.)

It was already quite late when we arrived in JB so we rested before going to the event the following day. It was a very nice hotel near the event location and here is the scenery from my window:

Will post a event report later, as I still have plenty of photos to go through. See you next post ^_^


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