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The change of scenery recently

It has been a very good morning here in Japan, with the sun shining(finally!) after 2 days of rain. I slept very well last night as it was very cool, I didn't even need to open any windows!

Still, after visiting 2 other countries the past week, I have gained a new appreciation for the cool, dry weather here... wonder how hot summer will be...

【Today’s Cards】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“I can finally hear your voice"
The Girl at the End of the World 終わった世界の少女 from 「Clannad」

“You have finally arrived, Kanu Unchou”
Warriors' Power Stone 闘士の勾玉

★Victory Spark★
“Just like a mirror which reflects a person's image, a person is a reflection of his heart and soul”
Athena Glory アテナ・グローリィ from 「A・R・I・A」

Most of the Hong Kong shop coverage has been posted previously, so here is a look at the scenery. Although Hong Kong is considered quite big, it is actually covered with many mountainous areas and steep slopes.
These photos were taken at a lookout point on our way to the shops. Makes me wish I had a better camera... lol ^o^


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