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Rapid Culture Tournament 15/05/2010

We have just received a Tournament Report from Rapid Culture(Singapore). They had their Railgun Title Cup over the weekend on 15/05/2010(Sat) and here's a brief overview of the event.

Start of the event, with Judge(Wayne) looking over the proceedings.

Oh, a female player for this tournament. It has been some time since we saw any female players in Singapore and I hope more girls take part in these tournaments.

Judge tabulating the results from the matches to decide the finalists. Quite a good turnout of players and customers that day.

Top 4 playing in the finals!

And the Winners for the day:

From left to right-
3rd Place: Joey
1st Place: Ron
2nd Place: Zechs
4th Place: Qu Jing

From the report, it seems that the winner(Ron) was using a Trial Deck. This should not be a surprise for the older players as this is not the first time a Trial Deck has won in Singapore. The most memorable win using a Trial Deck would probably be during A.C.M.E last year.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Rapid Culture for organising the tournament. A special mention goes out to The Card Geeks(TCG) for supporting the event.


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