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It’s Friday, and Kuroda is here again.
Are you going out in the night or are you playing WS with friends…?

I myself am going for an exercise. Good girl;-)
Today, Terence is away in Taiwan with our VP, and will be working very hard (I suppose!).
They will do market research and so on, to provide better service to fans in Taiwan!

In the mean time, I will be visiting Hong Kong, and then Terence goes to Singapore and Malaysia.

OK, let me introduce Today’s Cards…

“I have been absent from school for long.”
A sickly girl Nagisa “渚” from CLANNAD

“I’m a bit tired. Let me rest for a while…”
An encounter and a farewell “渚”from CLANNAD

A sister who has been separated
須磨・キャセリン・舞子 from “Naki Shoujo no Pavane” 「亡き少女のパヴァーヌ」


Let me cure your love sickness!
A lovely flower flourished in the town “Chouzen” from “Shin Koihime Musou”「新恋姫無双」


Same card again from Alice×Cross

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Sounds like a world tour schedule to me...

  • 2010/05/14(金) 06:45:20 |
  • URL |
  • Kai #BZw/32Vw
  • [ Edit ]

Hopefully it is a prelude
to an actual world tour!v-290

  • 2010/05/14(金) 07:28:46 |
  • URL |
  • NoSauce #-
  • [ Edit ]

Kuroda, give us a shout before you head over to Hong Kong! :P

  • 2010/05/15(土) 22:42:20 |
  • URL |
  • Sakota #-
  • [ Edit ]

Yes! Bushiroad world tour...
I will also visit France for animation film festival.

I hope so too!
Currently we only feature Asia, but hope we can join big markets in the US and Europe:)

Did you have nice weekend?
Well, I have to do packing before giving you a shout...! Women have a lot to bring when travell;-)

  • 2010/05/16(日) 18:25:53 |
  • URL |
  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
  • [ Edit ]

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