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Tokyo Big Sight!!

Terence here, back from a trip to Tokyo Big Sight yesterday for Comic☆1(ichi). For the benefit of those out there not familiar with the event, it is like a smaller scale Comiket(about half the size of a regular one).

More on that later, here's an introduction to:

【Today’s Card】
★Weiß Schwarz★
“Let's eat!” & “Mogu, mogu”
Daughter of Nagisa, Ushio 汐 from 「Clannad」

“So this is Touen...... It's wonderful♪”
“Shoku”Most Charming Touka 桃香 from 真・恋姫無双

★Victory Spark★
“I will protect Master Achea”
Jelio=Velsown ジィリオ=ヴェルソーン from 「エレメンタル・ジェレイド」

A Glint of Light Saitou Hajime 斎藤一 from 「薄桜鬼」

As a special treat, the 2 variations of Ushio(汐) are featured today. Kawaii, isn't she?


Most fans of anime and manga will have come across or have been to Tokyo Big Sight, an exhibition space located near Odaiba area. Many events are held there every month so please check the official website for more information.


#W$%WFDG omg so adorable!!!

- so I take it that this card will be in your deck? I believe it's more likely in the case of Stanley ^_^

  • 2010/04/29(木) 22:23:34 |
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  • Terence #-
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so cute D:

もぐもぐ wwww

  • 2010/04/30(金) 06:48:59 |
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  • Kai #BZw/32Vw
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Ushio is so cute ^ ^

  • 2010/04/30(金) 12:43:19 |
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  • Calvin #-
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