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Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Vol.5~Vol.8 7/31 on sale!!

ws_s.jpg setsugetsuka_s.jpg
renfa_s.jpg sasara_s.jpg

★Vol.5 Weiß Survive 「Michi&Takshi」 Bushiroad Original Anime illustrated by Takuya Fujima
★Vol.6 D.C.II 「Setugetsuka」
★Vol.7 真・恋姫†無双 「Renfa」
★Vol.8 ToHeart2 「Kusugawa Sasara」

vol05.jpg vol06.jpg

vol07.jpg vol08.jpg

Each pack is followed with gorgeous PR cards!

【Product Overview】
60Sleeveds plus 1 special card/ 735JPY (tax included)

(C) ヴァイス・サヴァイヴ (C)CIRCUS
(C)BaseSon All Rights Reserved (C)2006 AQUAPLUS


weiss survive

oh man! i want the weiss survive set. I gotta go order this.

Re: weiss survive

hello nicolas!
weiss survive is our original title, and now gitting popular.
unfortunatly they are only available through the internet or card game shops,
(we are not selling the products in our company...)
bur if you are interested, check yahoo! or google for the reservation or purchase,
thank you!

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