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WS Tutorial Down Under

Welcome to another Event Report Presented on Bushiroad English Blog. My name is Terence and I will be keying in this entry in place of Ms. Kuroda today.

As many of you out there might have realised, Bushiroad has always been promoting the joy of trading card games internationally. This month, we are honoured to have some Malaysian students in Australia holding tutorials for WS at a local event to promote the game.

Here is the report from the event:

Event: Supanova Pop Culture Expo
Location: Melbourne, Australia(17th~18th April)

A very warm welcome from the staff at Ozanimart(Oz is slang for Australia).

Really well dressed WS players... No, just kidding. They are actually cosplayers learning the game during their free time.

Players at a tutorial session enjoying themselves, Haruhi versus Disgaea.

It seems that the judge is enjoying himself more than the players. That is what happens when you put Lucky Star up against Phantom.

A very special thanks to the Staff at Ozanimart and the instructors of WS for the event.


Hi Terence, hope you're doing well there, and we heard you on Hibiki radio heheh >=)
Hmmm the judge (white shirt) seem to be familiar... i think he was once playing in Singapore?

Hi, Mycstea. I`m doing fine. I will also be posting in moetsukiru.com in my free time. Please look forward to that as well. The judge does look familiar, I was wondering if we`ve met before too.

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hahaa. he is chen zhen. the guy that went off to aus to study and "promote" ws :]
and hi terence . how are u though~ :] meet up again some days as i only played once or twice with u ._.
okay. ciao :]
"was wondering if u rmb me =X"

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