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Love sunlight?

It’s very hot and sunny here in Tokyo today.
This morning, I saw a lady already using a sunbrella!

You know, most of Asian women tries to keep their skin as white as possible.
It is a kind of tradition, and when you visit pharmacies in Japan, you will never fail to find various kinds of sun-block cream, whitening lotion, moisturizer etc.
(They are cheap and quite good in quality)

You see here the representative(?) of Japanese white-skinned girls…


Kuroko: “You eat such a childish thing again, sister…”
Swimsuits Mikoto and Kuroko 美琴and 黒子from 「とある科学の超電磁砲」


locket to bond hearts
“There was no meaning…in what I dreamed?” Nitroplus


Narita Shimousa ナリタ・下総 from 「亡き少女のためのパヴァーヌ」
“Doing your tasks smoothly?...well, it does not seem like so.”


Harada:”I just can’t stand looking at a girl killed in front of me.” 原田左之助from 「薄桜鬼」
A gun leveled at two


Starting from Hakuouki Release date, Alice×Cross will be holding a fair at “Alice×Cross support shops.”
You will get a special PR card when you purchase 1000JPY + Alice×Cross products at those shops.

Check here if you want to see the characters’ data!
If you do not know who they are…check Bushiroad Channel at Nico-Video, and you can watch all the Weiss Survive stories released till now.


Somehow Kuroko's fashion sense totally does not match my taste for what girls should wear O_O

oh, how about Mikoto??

  • 2010/04/21(水) 17:07:25 |
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  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
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  • 2010/04/21(水) 19:13:44 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Mikoto's fashion is a bit too fluffy too XD Simplicity is good...

Do you want them?
We actually made these 2 characters' costumes at COSPA:)

Well, it's Japanese girls' favourite, I suppose. I like both fluffy one and simple one^^

  • 2010/04/21(水) 23:52:28 |
  • URL |
  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
  • [ Edit ]

Well if I ever get the chance to have the proper requirement to order them then yes, but sadly I am not allowed to order stuff online anymore ; _ ;

  • 2010/04/22(木) 12:57:57 |
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  • Calvin #-
  • [ Edit ]

Oh i feel sorry for you...hope you'll soon have chance to buy our CCG in Canada;-)

  • 2010/04/22(木) 16:24:41 |
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  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
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