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Which day do you liket the best?

It’s Friday today!

Did you know that “Friday” is the most used word among 7 days, and the least is “Wednesday”…??
(I knew this in a certain survey by Oxford dictionary.)

In my case, I like Saturday the best, and just hate Monday ><
How about you??

Before rushing home, here are today’s cards for you~

Saten: “OK then, Uiharu, Let’s give it a try!!”

“無能力者”佐天(Level 0 Saten) from ヴァイスシュヴァルツ「とある科学の超電磁砲
“They seem confused…I wonder something has happened”

相模竹之丸fromヴィクトリースパーク 亡き少女のパヴァーヌ

牧瀬紅莉栖&岡部倫太郎(Makise Kuris& Okabe Rintarou) from ヴィクトリースパーク「シュタインズゲート」
"I have been looking for you, for long…”

ac_today[1] (6)
風間千景(Kazama Chikage) from アリス×クロス「薄桜鬼
Assault by Demon
“How on earth you can profit from helping them? Helping those who create such creatures.”


Check also our new radio program!
Here appears the voice actor from Hakuouki:)
Go to the official website for more info!

Enjoy your weekend^-^ノ


Any more English cards?

I know this is off topic from the original post, but I just have to ask. Aside from the one for "Disgaea" that's currently from NIS America, are there plans for any additional English Weiss Schwarz decks/boosters? I'd love to see Haruhi, Index, and Railgun all become available.

  • 2010/04/17(土) 19:55:55 |
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  • Nate #-
  • [ Edit ]

I love saturday but i dislike monday too! Guess it's not called the "Monday blues" for nothing =/

Please bring .hack//series to Weiß Schwarz! 彡`∀´)

  • 2010/04/19(月) 07:30:24 |
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  • #-
  • [ Edit ]

I would always welcome off-topic comments as well.
About the English ver. of our prodcuts, we are just on the stage of planning, but will surely release them once we are ready.
Which title would you prefer to be published in English?

  • 2010/04/19(月) 20:35:12 |
  • URL |
  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
  • [ Edit ]

Well, you know, Sunday evening might be worse. The very end of holiday.

>.hack series
Thanks for the comment!
It's up to the producers;-)
Please be looking forward to our next titles.

  • 2010/04/19(月) 20:45:25 |
  • URL |
  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
  • [ Edit ]

Hearing that Bushiroad will be releasing more in English is rather exciting news!

I'd love to see the WS decks/boosters for Haruhi Suzumiya, Bakatesu, and Index/Railgun in English. The first two would probably be really good candidates for translation since the anime has been licensed in the US. In the meantime though, I'll pick up a few Japanese decks, sleeve the cards, and just include a translation.

  • 2010/04/23(金) 05:47:55 |
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  • Nate #-
  • [ Edit ]

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