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【WANTED!!】Be the next one to come to Japan!


Dear WS players overseas-

Play WS and Win the round trip to Japan!

As the increasing number of players from other countries are now playing Weiss Schwarz, (Especially in Hong Kong and in Singapore!)
we started inviting WS champions from other countries to our Final held in Akihabara last year.
(Well, as our company is quite new, the last one was actually only the 2nd time to hold a Final. We were glad that we could invite international players such in early stage!)

【Bushiroad WGP 2009 Reports】


News Flash



Mini Events

Day 2nd

Bushiroad World Grand-Prix 2009 info page

We invited TV talents and Seiyuus as well, and there was a TV shooting as well!!
Champions from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia joined us, and they were all on TV~^-^

This year, we again would invite WS Champion from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, but
also thinking about adding 1-2 more countries to our invitation list!!

If any of you from countries other than these 3, interested in joining us, and have enough environment to choose a skilled representative
in a fair and competitive way, please contact at

(Sorry, but the application have to go through our examination, so not all the application is accepted)
English accepted, of course!

The Final would be again, around the end of December.

That means, you can extend your stay and visit Comiket!! Yeah~~

Details for 2010 has not yet been published, but if there’s any update, I will let you know.

Hope you enojoy WS more and win the chance to come to Japan!


;_; I'm the only guy who seems to be playing the card game in Canada. Well it does not really matter seeing how my Japanese is really poor. Good luck to all the people who applies ^_^

  • 2010/04/13(火) 03:21:05 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Glad you play our TCG even though nobody around you know the game. I really hope you'll continue playing, and when WS become popular in Canada, then you can say you are the first player there!

  • 2010/04/13(火) 20:57:23 |
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  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
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