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Index and Railgun


インデックス from 「とある魔術の禁書目録」
Index from “A Certain Magical Index”

“…All right then, would you follow me to the dark floor of Hell?”

Check here for Railgun & Index Booster information!



Well, for you who loves 「とある科学の超電磁砲」and would like to hear characters’ voice more-
Our radio station Hibiki releases 「とあるラジオの超電磁砲」(To aru Radio no Railgun) which features 2 voice actresses from the anime;
豊崎愛生/Aki Toyosaki(初春飾利/Uiharu Kazari)and 伊藤かな恵/Ito Kanae(佐天涙子/Saten Ruiko).

Visit here and enjoy the program on Fridays 19:00 (Japan time)!!
You can also send a mail to the radio station, and if you are lucky, the Seiyuus will answer your question!

To be frank, this program is our best hit…^^


One more news about Railgun.

Are you ready for the release of our card sleeve collection 「ブシロードスリーブコレクションHG Vol.7&8」??
御坂美琴(Misaka Mikoto)and 白井黒子(Shiroi Kuroko) come back again!

24 April ON SALE!!


Vol.7 御坂美琴(Misaka Mikoto)


Vol.8 白井黒子(Shiroi Kuroko)

The previous Railgun sleeves were sold out in a minute, and are now sold at high prices at TCG shops…

Go here for products’ overview

Don’t miss the chance to get new sleeves:)


So worth waking up early for!

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  • Calvin #-
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Waking up early is also good for health:)

  • 2010/04/07(水) 17:31:10 |
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  • Kuroda【Bushiroad】 #-
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