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Bushiroad introduced in 3 languages!

We are glad to inform you that our company is now introduced at Startup JAPAN, a company introduction site which releases interesting companies' information.
Here you can check the article.

What is interesting is, they introduce company information not only in Japanese, but also in English and in Chinese.
Just click the flags at the top, and you will see the whole article translated.
Hope more and more players would know our company , and enjoy playing our TCG!


Hello ms. Kuroda. It's happy to see that Bushiroad is introduced into the website, congraturations!
with english, japanese and chinese, there must be more exposure of Weiss Schwarz to players and publics.

Thank you Chris for your kind comment:-) We also hope more and more people have chance to know WS and our other TCGs...!

  • 2010/03/08(月) 21:49:00 |
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  • Kuroda #-
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So does this mean that Bushiroad will plan to come to the North American branch in the near future?

  • 2010/03/09(火) 17:34:06 |
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  • Calvin #-
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Hi Calvin!
Well, I can only say I hope so...but we are planning to distribute our products in the US when we find a good distributor.

  • 2010/03/10(水) 00:57:31 |
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  • Kuroda #-
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