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Nightmare before St. Valentine's Day

After the meeting with Nordic company, we dismantled the booth and went into the city for a bit of sightseeing and shopping.
At night, we enjoyed our Last German Supper at the traditional restaurant, and toasted for the closing if the long exhibition.

The business trip seemed to have finished safely, and we never knew that out TRAVEL was going into a lot of TROUBLE…..!

It happened all of sudden, when we arrived at Nürnberg Airport in the next morning.

We were supposed to transit at München, but we were told by the ground staff, that all the planes to München had been cancelled because of the heavy snow.

morning snow

She told us that the only alternative they could offer was a train ticket to München, which we did not accept, knowing that it was almost impossible to be in time for the flight to Tokyo If we did use it.

Anyways, we dared not to consider going all the way back to the main station, bringing all the heavy suitcases with exhausted body…
(Both Kurokawa and I bought an extra suitcase during our stay, so the luggage was twice as much)

So, our answer was…

TAXI from Nürnberg Airport to München Airport!

I rushed to the taxi station, fetched one, and ordered the fastest trip the driver could ever make.

I believe (and hope) it was my first to use taxi between airports…..!


Autobahn drive


We did it!
In time for our flight.
(even had a time for a cup of tea)


Finally we could relax and just waited for the boarding time at the lobby, watching the snow-white body of the airship ready to be taxied…

Well, are you tired of reading our long nightmare story?

If not, there are more to tell you below.

OK, we got onboard.
Seated, and found the ship was not so crowded,

No announcement of “Boarding Completed.”
Instead, we were again, made to wait for about an hour, then were told that we had to wait another 60 passengers arriving late ofr the flight,because of the snow.

Pity on us, who tried our best to be in time, using a lot of money on taxi…

Waiting for another one hour, there came in 60 people making the ship full.
Noise everywhere, and the melting of snow on the wings took another 30 minutes.

When the plane finally moved, I was already too tired to remember anything…!

I missed one meal while sleeping, and when I finally came home, I thought from the bottom of my heart,




Auf Wiedersehen!


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