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Final day

Today was finally the end of long exhibition.

As we did not have any appointment in the morning, I went to visit the place where I missed a lot.


Steiff booth

Before Bushiroad, I worked in Germany for a couple of yrs as a buyer of German toys, and used to deal with there cute bears and animals.
Totally different
It has already been a year since coming back to Japan, and not expecting much, I went to find a gentleman who had been in chaege of our company...

and there he was!


I was sooo pleased to see him again, and he also welcomed me very nicely.

Being born in total countryside where life is ALWAYS same, and nobody dears to consider other countries or even other cities in Japan as their life stage, I have been sterving and eager to continue changing, changing, and growing.

But today, I found the beauty of NOT changing.

There he was, same as the time when I was there.

Life is hard, but some times is art.
We will never know what comes next(except fortune tellers...maybe), but I really would like to enjoy it until the very end...!


Well, sometimes change is great too! The anime scene in Singapore is evolving at all times and it is rather intriguing to note the level of respect this hobby is gaining in terms of public recognition as well.

The only thing lacking is probably our own original productions (XD)

I wanted to say, I always put importance on "changing," but there also was beauty in "not changing."

Of course I prefer the changing scene in Singapore, thanks to it, we could meet GF people:)

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