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Fairy's visit

Drawing visitor’s attention is very important at big exhibitions like this time’s Toy Fair.
Every booth entertains us in various ways, but among all, I liked this!

It happened on the day our VP and his visitor were away in Munich, when I was spending sleepy afternoon working on business reports…


A lady in a fairy-like white dress suddenly dropped by our booth and gave me a piece of paper with a mysterious window on it.


She said, “Rub it,” and I there appeared an image of blue stone!

“It’s your stone, the stone of BALANCE. Visit our booth, and you will get one there.”
She opened the paper,


and there was a booth location!

Why not.
I decided I would be their game then ;-)


…and received such a beautiful power stone.

Thank you fairy princess from the Toy city!


人気のアダルトエロ http://tovisitmy.thumblogger.com

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Reminds me of the anime Power Stone...

Never seen the anime...
is it fun??
I'll check!

  • 2010/02/15(月) 03:42:28 |
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